What is the difference between Trek, Picnic, and Hiking

Trek v/s Picnic v/s Hiking

What is the difference between Trekking, Picnic, and Hiking?

Even though all these three things ie. Trekking, Picnic, and Hiking have huge differences still people tend to confuse these Three. They might look the same to you but are totally different. Before choosing a plan for your weekend you need to go for a self-assessment and select a plan for your weekend that suits you with respect to your "Fitness level"

What is a Trek/Trekking:

Treks are for the ones who wish to spend time in nature, are ready for some adventure and Few hours of walking through the forest, Rock patches, etc. Treks can be done to places that are not accessible by transport, mostly done in hilly locations, Waterfalls, Mountains, or to explore Forts. One should be able to sustain in nature for a few hours, if a person has grown up in a very delicate environment it might make it difficult for them to be out in nature with the wild. Even an easy grade trek is still a trek, you might have to cross water streams, rivers, rocky patches, slippery areas, dense forests, etc. One needs to pay attention to their fitness level and then decide if they should be going for the trek. The easiest treks are at least 2/3 hours of walking through everything mentioned above. Treks need to be done with the help of the guidance of experienced Trek Leaders having enough experience, maturity, and knowledge about the locations. Going for treks solo can be fatal, one wrong step and it might be life-changing for a person. Every day many people end up losing their lives because they either go alone and trek without proper expertise or do not follow the instructions. Following instructions given by the trek leaders is really important while you are on treks. If you are amongst the ones who like to break rules or not follow instructions please don't even think of going for a trek as you might not just risk your life but will end up putting someone else's life in danger too.

What is Picnic: (Trek v/s Picnic)

Picnics are suitable for all age groups, there is no criteria to be taken care of over here. Any one can go for a picnic at any tourist location or Public places. There are no rules and regulations which needs to be followed while planning for a picnic. Picnic's are more like going on a family/friends outing and exploring places.


Hiking is more like going on long walks in nature, but walks doesn't mean that it can be done by anyone. These paths are mostly marked or easy trails, It's more like lengthy and strenuous walks in Natural environment Even here you need to go for a self assessment and check if you are physically fit to walk for hours. Hikes are for the one's who love being in the nature and enjoy walking. There are risks involved over here too, So if you are someone who would consider themself Fit and suitable for picnics then Hiking is also a big no for you.

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