Registration via any payment app

Follow the instructions for event registration.

  1. Get in touch with us on WhatsApp and Please make sure seats are available before transferring the amount and after reading and understanding the details of the event.

  2. Use the QR code or with any payment app use the UPI "trekking@icici"

  3. Its Extremely important to mention "Your name" and "Event name" in remarks column of your payment app while transferring the amount.

  4. Please send us a screenshot of payment transaction details along with following details of every participant. (every = all the persons including you in your group)
    WhatsApp Number :
    Event Name and Date :

  5. Once we receive the payment and participant details as mentioned on point number 4, you will receive a KYC form which needs to be submitted by all participants immediately after payment confirmation.

Google Pay : 7719800777
Paytm : 7719800777
UPI : 7719800777@YBL

Event Registration FAQ - Frequently asked Questions / Terms

Q. Can I pay in cash ?
Ans: No, you have to book well in advance before seats get sold out and payment has to be made online. Cash payments are not accepted. Its Mandatory to make online payment using any payment app or net banking via UPI / NEFT / QR Code.

Q. Can I deposit cash in a bank account ?
Ans: No, Cash payments are not accepted. Its Mandatory to make online payment using any payment app or net banking via UPI / NEFT / QR Code. Any amount deposited in bank account will not be considered for booking.

Q. I don't use GPay or Paytm, How should I Register ?
Ans: If you have internet banking or your bank's app in your mobile, you can click on BHIM/UPI option and transfer funds to trekking@icici . -OR- you can use any payment app like PhonePe, AmazonPay, Bank Apps etc. This is most easiest, instant, and most reliable method to make payment. There is no need to add/register payee or share account number and bank details with anyone.
Else, you can visit any local grocery shop or payment partner shop and ask the vendor to pay on your behalf.

Q. Can I Register on the last day or the event day?
Ans: Yes, you can register as long as there are tickets/seats available. Once the seats are sold out, the registration process closes. Ideally, the registration for weekend events need to be done atleast 3-4 days in advance. Registration for tours and long-distance events need to be done at least a month in advance.

Q. Does cancellation policy / rescheduling policy apply to me if I register on event day or last day?
Ans: Yes, the policy is applicable irrespective of Registration date. The cancellation / reschedule policy is applicable to everyone with immediate effect from date and time of Registration. The refunds / rescheduling requests will be processed based on the date and time of cancellation/ reschedule request sent to us. The date and time of registering the event is irrelevant.