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Get a private trek/camping organised for your group/family/friends or for a Corporate team outing. Mischief Treks can help you get the desired experience the way you want it to be.

Private group treks / Camping

If you prefer trekking with your own group of people, -OR- would like to trek on Weekdays (Monday to Friday), we can get you a private trek organized at a location of your choice or we can suggest to you the best option suited for you or your group.

Min Group Size: 15 Participants on weekdays and 25 on a weekend. A lesser count can be considered with increased charges.
Max Group Size: 60 Participants. ( Beyond that its difficult to enjoy nature )
Date: Any Weekday/Weekend.

Booking Date: You need to confirm the booking 10 days in advance.
Transport : Various modes available, Bus / Car / Mini Bus / Self Driven.
Location: Any Location as per your choice -OR- We can suggest a location based on your group's fitness level.

Tour Charges: Personalised tour charges depend on type of vehicle you wish to use for Travel, the category of stay, the number of people in the group, and a couple of other factors as per your preference. We would be able to workout cost estimates better if you can provide us your budget, based on which we can devise a plan.

Trek Charges: Charges range from 300/- per person to 8,500/- per person depending on how basic or splendid you want it to be and if you wish to compromise on safety to reduce the charges. For example, If the charge for a given trek on our website is Rs.1000/- per person, and you opt to get a private event organized for your group, But you have only 10 participants instead of the minimum count of 15. In this case, 1000 X 15= 15,000 will be divided among 10 people. i.e. 15,000/10 = 1,500/- per person will be applicable.

1. If the count of participants is less than 15, we can still do the event for you but the charges will increase because the entire cost will be divided among less number of people.
2. We suggest opting for a date on weekdays instead of Sat-Sun.
3. Private group option is best suited especially for easy grade treks if you want to bring your family along or if you have a bigger size group of your own.

Cancellation, Rescheduling & Refund Policy.

  • 90% will be refunded if canceled 25 days (600+ hrs) in advance.

  • 50% will be refunded if canceled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.

  • 0% refund if canceled in less than 10 days (240 hours) of the event date and time.

Payment Terms and Policy for Personalised Events / Pvt Batch

  1. For Confirmation of the event and inclusions mentioned and mutually agreed upon, 100% payment needs to be made 10 Days prior to the date and time of the event.

  2. The organiser and the participant need to honor and comply with the terms explained on the event details page.

  3. Refunds will be processed based on the terms explained above in the cancellation policy.

  4. Mischief Treks has no obligation and control when it comes to external factors such as Weather, Traffic, Road, Govt restrictions, and third-party vendor-based aspects Eg. Transport services hired from service providers of Rented bus / Train / Flight / Cab etc.

Date : Customised
Charges : Customised
Location : Customised
Grade : Easy grade trek / camping

Date : Customised
Charges : Customised
Location : Customised
Grade : Easy grade trek / camping

Date : Customised
Charges : Customised
Location : Customised
Grade : Easy grade trek / camping

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