Holi Pool Party - 2023 - Mumbai - Karjat

Charges starting 999/- Per person. Join us on 8th March 2023 for the best "Holi party" in the region with a rain dance setup and swimming pool.

Holi Pool Party at resort in karjat

Swimming Pool | Resort| Rooms | Dance | Music

Event Type: Holi Party with eco-friendly colors
Region: Karjat
Holi Party Event Date: 8th March 2023
Batch Size: 50 Participants only. (we have limited rooms so book asap )

Holi Party Charges: 999 per person (basic package without meals)

Rs. 3200/- per person - With an overnight stay in AC rooms having pool facing windows.

Holi Party - One day option - Morning 10 am to 4 pm on 18th March
Rs.1200/- per person

Holi Party - One day option without meals - Morning 10 am to 4 pm on 18th March
Rs.999/- per person

⚠️ Booking closes once seats are sold out, book well in advance to avoid missing out on the slots.

Venue for Holi Pool Party 2022 Video

Highlights of Holi Pool Party: 17th - 18th March 2022

  • Premium Property with AC Rooms.

  • One Gigantic AC Room for groups as big as 15 persons

  • Venue minutes away from Karjat station.

  • "Holi Poojan" / "Holika-Dahan" on 17th March

  • Rain Dance besides swimming pool

  • Swimming Pool - Pool Party

  • Water slide - rides

  • Music - Dance

  • Mafia Night - This is gonna be effin awesome.

  • Funfair Game

  • Games and Activities - chance to win prize.

  • Get to drink "Thandai" - Damn, we have waited for this since 2020.

Holi Pool Party 2022 Mumbai Thane Navi Mumbai Karjat

3 Sharing Rooms

15 Sharing Gigantic Rooms


Day 1 - 7th March 2023

The gates to all the fun and Masti will open at 3 pm. You can reach the venue at 3 pm or any time after that.
shall go to the pool and chill for a while or you may choose to relax a bit in your rooms.
Once we are back from River/pool, some exciting games are lined up to win exciting prizes
Approx around 8pm "Holika-Dahan" / "Poojan"
By 8.30 - it's time to Party! Music, Dance, and Hic!
Around 10.00 pm: Dinner (kitchen closes at 10.30 pm)
Once you are done dancing, let's play Mafia. I am sure this will be the most memorable game.
The night is still young
so live it up.

Day 2 - 8th March 2023

08:00 am - Wake Up Call with tea. Have a bath or go jump in the pool, choose wisely. (don't miss out)
9:00 am - Breakfast.
9.30 am - Let's play Holi and did I miss out on mentioning the Rain-Dance setup besides the pool...
01.00 pm - Lunch will be ready. Hic!
Rest for a while Hic! and after evening snacks around 4 pm head back to Mumbai. Hic!

Inclusions for full package

  • AC Room - 3 people sharing included. (for twin sharing, per person 800 extra needs to be paid) - SOLD OUT

  • Gigantic AC room for 15 people capacity.

  • Evening Snacks and tea on Day 1

  • Colors

  • Dinner on Day 1

  • Breakfast on Day 2

  • Lunch on Day 2

  • Evening Snacks and Tea on Day 2

  • Transport pick up and drop from Karjat Local train station (if opted)

  • Rain Dance beside the pool

  • Pool charges

  • Event management charges


  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned above.

  • Cold Drinks, Chakhna, Bottled water - Not included.

Kids up to 9 years will be charged 1000/- ( Above 9 years, charges are the same).
Pickup and drop from karjat station will be provided at an additional cost of 100/- per person.

Inclusions for One day option

  • Lunch

  • Evening Snacks and Tea

  • Rain Dance beside the pool

  • Pool charges

  • Music

  • Event management charges


  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned above.

Kids up to 9 years will be charged
500/- for one day option ( Above 9 years, charges are the same).
Pickup and drop from karjat station will be provided at an additional cost of 100/- per person.

Things to carry:

  • Identity proof.

  • Eco-friendly colors

  • Extra pair of clothes

  • Some ready to eat food like biscuits, plum cake etc. (just in case you feel hungry)

  • Medicines (if you need any), Glucon D / Electrol / Enerzyl Powder (We will have a basic first aid kit with us).

  • Toiletries

  • BYOB

You do not carry:

  • Please avoid wearing Jewelry or carrying unnecessary expensive items.

How to reach the Holi pool party venue in Karjat?

You can travel to the Holi pool party venue either by local train or in your own vehicle. We will be sharing exact GPS location and providing assigned coordinators' number in the WhatsApp group that will be created 12 hours prior to coordinate with the participants of the event.

  • Travel by Local train: You can catch a local train from your nearest local train station in Mumbai to Karjat Local Train station. Once you reach Karjat station, take an auto to the GPS location of Holi pool party venue. The auto will take barely 10 min to reach the venue. We will be sharing GPS location and other details on the WhatsApp group to be created 3 days prior to the event date and time.

  • Travel by road, car/bike: From Mumbai, We will be sharing GPS location and other details on the WhatsApp group to be created 3 days prior to the event date and time. From Andheri/Mumbai the Holi Pool Party venue is approximately at a 70km distance. It takes almost 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the venue from Mumbai. People starting from Thane will take approximately 1 hour 34 minutes to reach the Holi Pool Party venue which is approximately 62km from Thane. From Mira bhayander, the venue is at an 87km distance and would take 2 hours 20 minutes to reach our property. People starting from Vasai-Virar will take approximately 2 hours 14 minutes to reach the Holi Pool Party venue which is approximately 94km from Vasai-Virar. From Virar, the Holi Pool Party venue is approximately at a 113km distance. It takes almost 2 hours 47 minutes to reach the venue from Virar. It will take approximately an hour to reach our venue from Navi-Mumbai. Our venue is 40km away from Navi-Mumbai.

Points to Note and FAQ's

  • There are general rules to abide by in order to have a fun-filled Holi.

  • The hotel/resort staff has the right to take action on any kind of misbehavior. The participant will be expelled from the group/resort if found misbehaving with any other participant.

  • All Participants will be responsible for their baggage/valuables. If any loss is done by any participant to themselves/other participants or hotel property, it will be borne by the participant.

  • Use water slides in a responsible manner. Entering the pool with colors is prohibited. You need to wash up yourself clean before entering the pool.

  • This is not Delhi - no dialogue baazi. Behave!

  • Boys need to behave well with girls and the same goes for girls.

  • No Eggs and Oil paints, this isn't MasterChef or painting competition.

How to Make ECO-FRIENDLY colours for Holi at home? diy method

How to make eco-friendly colours for Holi at home?


  • Flours – Gram flour (besan); Wheat flour (atta); Flour (maida)

  • Turmeric-powderPowders – Turmeric (haldi); Red sandalwood (Raktachandan or Lalchandan); Indigo (neel); Henna (mehndi); Gooseberry (amla)

  • Greens – Spinach (palak); Mint leaves (pudina)

  • Extracts – Acacia catechu (Kattha – used in paan); Pomegranate peels (anaar); Beetroot

  • Flowers – Marigold (ghenda); red hibiscus (China rose); Flame of the Forest (Palash); and blue hibiscus (found in Kerala)

Mix the above ingredients with "besan" and water to form a paste of the desired color.

How to make eco-friendly Brown color for Holi?

Mix paan kattha with water to get the brown colour you want

How to make eco-friendly Yellow color for Holi?

Mix turmeric with water. Soak peels of pomegranate overnight in water and strain the liquid. Boil marigold or palash flowers in water

How to make eco-friendly Green color for Holi?

Mix a paste of mint (pudina)/ spinach (palak) with water and strain the liquid. Dilute it with water to get the right colour.

How to make eco-friendly Red/Magenta color for Holi?

Boil small pieces of beetroot in water and strain the liquid. Add more water in case you want to dilute the deep pink / magenta colour

How to make eco-friendly Blue color for Holi?

Mix indigo (powder or liquid) with water

How to make eco-friendly Black color for Holi?

Soak dried gooseberry (amla) overnight in an iron vessel and strain the black liquid

Cancellation , Rescheduling & Refund Policy.

  • 90% will be refunded if cancelled 15 days (360+ hrs) in advance.

  • 75% will be refunded if cancelled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.

  • 50% will be refunded if cancelled 05 days (120+ hrs) in advance.

  • 0% refund if cancelled in less than 03 days (120 hours) of the event date and time.

  • 0% refund if the participant drops out, misses bus pickup, does not reach meeting point on scheduled date and time.

If the event itself gets cancelled, you will be given option to switch any other event or any other date, Or you can opt for 100% refund.
If you need to cancel current booking and reschedule your booking to any other date, it can be done free of cost if the rescheduling request is sent 120 hours prior to trek. From 0hrs - 120 hours prior to trek date and time, free rescheduling is not permitted. It will be counted as cancellation done in less then 120hours of event date and time. Its a humble request, please do not give medical reasons, crib, argue or try to blackmail us if you dropout or cancel/reschedule the trek in last 3 days.

Disclaimer : The organiser reserves the right to make necessary change in itinerary at any time before or during the event based on situation at hand. Trek leaders decision will be final and binding, no arguments will be entertained. During the event if any participant or group does not follow safety instructions and indulges in acts that lead to physical harm, or gets lost in the forest / mountain the organisers will not be held liable for it. All participants are deemed to be physically fit for the event. In case a participant decides to dropout during the event he/she has to bear the extra cost of arranging his/her return. This cost will be charged at-actual-basis. If the event gets cancelled/altered due to natural calamities, rains, landslide, snowfall, avalanche no refund will be made. Road transport service is provided by respective bus/travel service provider. MischiefTreks is not responsible for any problems, harm, inconvenience related to road transport/travel. Participants acknowledge that this adventure/trek event involves test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and property loss. The risks include, but are not limited to: actions of other people including, but not limited to, participants, volunteers, spectators, coaches, event officials, event monitors and/or producers of the event; lack of hydration, weather, and/or other natural conditions. Participants hereby assume all of the risks of participating in this event. Participants certify that they are physically fit, have sufficiently understood risks for participation in this event and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. Participants acknowledge that by signing up for the event they agree to waiver accident risk and release liability of MischiefTreks and its crew involved in trekking/adventure event. Participants hereby take action for themselves, executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows: Waive, release, and discharge from any and all liability for their (participant's) death, disability personal injury, property damage, property theft or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to the participant during the event or traveling to and from this event, Mischief Treks and their team members, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives and agents, indemnify and hold harmless all entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of my actions during this event. Participants understand that at this event or related activities they may be photographed. Participants agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose, future event promotions and publish on social media or any other electronic media by MischiefTreks or its crew.