kumta to gokarna - mezmerising beach trail

Charges Rs. 3999 per person. This is a group trek, especially for participants from Mumbai and it's perfectly suitable for solo travelers, groups, and family outings. Located in Karnataka State, these Beaches from Kumta to Gokarna are so clean & Scenic. This place is comparatively untouched & many people are not aware of it. It's a Beach Trail, We will walk along the seashore & cross some small knobs between beaches, In two days we will explore more than 10 Beautiful Beaches with some scenic cliffs.

Kumta to Gokarna Beach Trail - Tour Starting from Mumbai

Event Date: 10 Dec 2022, 24 Dec 2022, 30 Dec 2022
Batch 6: 10th-11th Dec 2022 - (Available)
(Leaving on 9th Dec 2022)
Batch 7: 24th-25th Dec 2022 - (Available)
(Leaving on 23rd Dec 2022)
Batch 8: 30th Dec 2022 - 1st Jan 2023 - (Available)
(Leaving on 29th Dec 2022)

Location: Kumta, Karnataka - Goa border region
Category: Tour
Charges: Rs.5000 3999/- (including train tickets)
Trek Leader: Mischief Treks
⚠️ You need to book ASAP, later train tickets won't be available / flights get too costly

How difficult is the Kumta Gokarna tour?

Kumta Gokarna beach hopping tour is a medium-grade trail because we will walk for 5 hours during the entire day. To ease out this journey we will have multiple stops for some fun games while crossing these scenic beauties in Karnataka.

Major Highlights/attractions at Kumta Gokarna beach hopping tour:

    • "Yeh Taara woh taara har taara" (Camping and stargazing at the beach)

    • Mesmerizing View of Pristine Beaches

    • Musical Night with Mafia in Mischief Treks Style

    • Ferry Ride

    • Sunset at Balecan Beach

    • Local Delicacy

    • Mischief Treks specialty - All the Masti and Fun.

So what is the full Itinerary?
Here you go...

Day 0 - Friday
03:00 pm Meet us at LTT train station, and board train number 12619 Matsayagandha exp for an overnight journey
Alternatively, you can board the same train at Thane - 03.40 pm and Panvel at 16.20 pm
Day 1 - Saturday
03:30 am Reach Kumta, freshenup and rest for an hour. Have breakfast near the station and proceed for morning beach hopping
06:00 am Start the hike through several beaches (Vannalli Beach, Kadle Beach, Guddeangadi Beach)
12:00 pm Packed lunch on the way (Nirvana Beach)
02:00 pm Catch Bus for Aghanashini River to catch a ferry to Reach Belekan Beach
04:00 pm Reach Belekan Beach, freshen up, set up camp for the night
Thodi der volleyball hojaye"
09:00 pm Dinner followed by Musical Night/ Mafia in Tattva Style/ Late night Walk on the beach with Ghost Stories
The next day is more Glamorous

Day 2 - Sunday
It's time to wake up sleepy heads...
06:00 am Early Morning Beach ka Nazara hi alag hai, freshen up
08:00 am Tea time with Yummy Breakfast
08:30 am Start the trek to Gokarna through Paradise Beach, Small Hell Beach, Half-Moon Beach, Om Beach
01:00 pm Reach Kadle Beach, enjoy Delicious lunch (Veg/Non Veg)
03:00 pm Move towards our last halt to Gokarna Beach
05:30 pm Proceed towards Gokarna Road Station
06:38 pm Catch 12620/Matsyagandha Express from Gokarna Road Station
Share Your Stories and photos

Day 3 - Monday
05:53 am Reach Thane Station
06:35 am Reach LTT Station

Note: We are going to book a luggage Vehicle Kumta to Gokarna, So carry a small bag also for water & food, Our bag will be shifted to our camping point to Return to Gokarna Station. If you book late, you will have to depend on the waiting list / RAC train ticket. Ideally booking for any event with train travel needs to be done at least a month in advance.

We will create a WhatsApp group for coordination 3 days prior to the event date. Final instructions and event leader details will be shared in the group. The event leader will be meeting you at CST and he will be carrying all the train tickets.

Kumta Gokarna beach hopping tour charges include:

  • Non-AC Sleeper train tickets Mumbai-Kumta and Gokarna-Mumbai

  • All Meal outside the train (2 breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 High tea & 1 Dinner)

  • Yes, Tent stay charges also included for Camping

  • Local transport at Kumta and Gokarna

  • "Masti" and Mischief as always.

  • Expertise charges

  • Tour Charges

  • Train Ticket and booking charges


  • Meals in Train

  • Cold drinks & Water bottles

  • Anything other than above mentioned in inclusion

Things to Carry for Kumta Gokarna beach hopping tour:

  • ID Proof (Must)

  • 1 Ltr Water

  • Carry fruits, cakes, etc (Optional)

  • Torch and Powerbank (optional)

  • Extra Pair of clothes with Night wear

  • Sun Screen

  • Floaters with good grip

  • Toiletries

  • Mercury Shades

  • Small Bag in your Haversack

  • Sleeping bag or bed sheet For Train (Kuch Bhi Chalega, Sona kisko hai)

  • Your Personal medicines if you need any

  • Please avoid wearing Jewelry

  • Last but not the least, Carry a lot of enthusiasm

Detailed inforamtion of Kumta gokarna beach hopping tour

Kumta Gokarna Beach Hopping Tour

On our tour from Kumta to Gokarna, we start with Kumta, which is a town and a taluka in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India. Kumta is located on the Arabian sea coast, next to the vast western ghats of India. It is an abode to serene nature, forests, birds, and heavenly greenery all around.

Gokarna is a small temple town on the western coast of India in the Kumta taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India. Literally meaning cow’s ear, the quaint town of Gokarna in Karnataka is formed by the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers and the favourite destination for Hindu pilgrims. The main temple and deity is Shiva, who is also known as Mahabaleshwar. There are many other temples all over this small town.

In two days we will explore over 10 Beautiful Beaches with some scenic cliffs.

We will cover Breezy-endless beaches which will allure you. We will walk by the seashore, crossing a few mountains to reach our final destination. On your way to Gokarna you get to experience the majestic ocean, camp at the Belekan Beach, and have fun, Musical night, Mafia in Tattva Style, Late night Walk on the beach with Ghost Stories, followed by lots of mischief.

Our Beach Hopping starts HERE

1. Kumta beach:

Kumta is one of the unexplored beaches.

Kumta is the longest beach among the Beaches of Gokarna and its entry point is right near the Mahabaleshwar Swamy Temple.

It is mainly visited by the pilgrims visiting Gokarna for a dip before their temple visits.

Despite this, there are many cafes, yoga institutes, shacks, and campsites.

2. Vannalli Beach:

Vannalli Beach is located nearly 5 km from “Kumta” town, which is in Uttara Kannada District.

We will be starting our tour from this beach. This sandy beach is known for its picturesque sunset views, rustic terrain & low-key atmosphere.

This hidden paradise appears like an arch or a bow when viewed from the sky.

This beach will blow you off the ground with its beauty.

Even though the waves near the shore appear calm, it is quite dangerous to take a swim here.

3. Mangodlu Beach:

Mangodlu Beach is located 20 kms from Gokarna. This is a crowd-free

Beach, and is considered as the untouched beauty. This beach is located between two hills Kadle Gudda and Mangodlu Gudda.

4. Kadle Beach:

Kadle Beach, also known as the Kudle Beach, is an important beach in the beautiful town of Gokarna.

The beach is in the shape of the alphabet of ‘C’.

Kadle Beach is a remote scenic beach surrounded by palm trees, rock formations & grassy hills for hiking.

5.Guddeangadi beach:

Guddeangadi beach is a beach located in Gude Angadi.

Guddeangadi Beach is a safe beach and is good for relaxing and it’s really vast.

Rocks flank it on all sides, and Guddeangadi beach’s captivating beauty is just breathtaking.

6.Baada beach:

Baada beach is hailed as one of the cleanest beaches in Gokarna. Baada beach is clean, crowd-free, peaceful, and Offers a magnificent view of sunset.

7. Nirvana beach:

Nirvana beach is near the Baad region, which is located south of Gokarna.

This beach is secluded from the crowd, an empty beach, and perfect for resting or walking in the night.

Nirvana Beach is one of the most serene places you will see in Gokarna, with pristine blue waters and white sand.

8. Belekan beach:

Belekan Beach is one of the most remote Gokarna Beaches.

It is small, rocky, and crowd-free.

To reach here, we will catch a bus to Aghanashini River to catch a ferry to Reach Belekan Beach.

9. Paradise Beach:

It is a tiny beach, you can enjoy Kayaking on Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach is also well known by the name of ‘Full Moon Beach’. swimming in the calm waters here is a great way to refresh your mind and body.

The beach is adorned with clean white sand all over.

The serene environment of the beach offers a great opportunity to spend some time in nature’s lap.

10. Small Hell Beach:

Small Hell Beach is a small random stretch of sand between Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach.

One can get down here from the trail and chill for some time, or sit by the surrounding rocks.

It is one of the cleanest and most idyllic beaches in town.

The beach is completely untouched and unspoiled, making it even more beautiful and mysterious.

11. Half-Moon Beach:

The Half-Moon Beach is a crescent-shaped beach which is located in between hills, lush green forest, and sea!

It is the most peaceful beach in Gokarna

Half Moon Beach is known for its clean sparkling sands against the transparent blue waters

This beach is such an experience where you get to engage in myriads of activities like swimming, kayaking, paddle boats, trekking, camping, etc.

12. Om Beach:

Om Beach is located in the North Canara district.

Om Beach is shaped as two semi-crescents joined.

Om Beach takes the shape of an ‘Om’, a Hindu spiritual symbol.

The long stretch of white sandy beach adjoining the rocky terrain appeals to travelers from around the world

Tourists can enjoy the banana boat, surfing, jet skiing, etc. on this beach.

13. Kudle Beach:

Kudle beach is known for its mesmerizing charm. This beach resembles a perfect ‘C’. You can reach here after a short trek from OM beach. The sea here is calm and shallow. You can sit and enjoy your sunset over here.

14. Gokarna Beach:

Gokarna beach is in proximity to the Mahabaleshwar Temple,

the Gokarna Beach is also known as the place where pilgrims first come to take a dip before visiting the temple.

This beach has clear blue waters, golden sand, and exciting trails.

This marks an end to our journey. Goodbyes are so difficult.



  • Mahabaleshwar Temple

  • Muredeshwar Temple

  • Yana

  • Mahalasa Temple

  • Uppin Ganpati Temple

  • Dhareshwar

  • Headbandar Beach

  • Yellapur

  • Mirjan Fort

  • Koti Tirtha Temple

Cancellation & Refund Policy.

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