Job Opportunities - Trek Leaders and Volunteers

Mischief Treks is a group of nature enthusiasts working towards spreading health benefits of Trekking/Hiking

Come Join us and help spread a healthy lifestyle.

Event Coordinator / Volunteer (weekend events)

What you'll be doing:

  • You will be responsible for basic coordination with each and every participant of the trek.

  • You will follow and assist the Trek-Leader's instructions and help in conducting the trek.

We will be excited if you have:

  • Previously attended a trek with us. If not, you'll be required to attend atleast 2 of our upcoming treks as a regular participant.

  • Freshers are welcome to join.

Add-ons as an Event Coordinator / Volunteer with Mischief Treks:

  • Explore adventurous locations with us.

  • Although this is an unpaid opportunity, you will get FREE access to the treks you will be volunteering.

Trek Leader / Co - Leader (weekend events)

What you'll be doing:

  • You will be responsible for the safety and coordination of all the participants during the trek.

  • The Trek-Leader / Co-Leader needs to participate in atleast 3 treks every month.

We will be excited if:

  • You have Basic Mountaineering Certificate (BMC).

  • You have min 2+ years of experience leading treks in the Sahyadri region.

Applicants will be required to do at least 1 trek with Mischief Treks to help us assess their ability in real-time.

Add-ons as a Trek-Leader / Co-Leader with Mischief Treks:

  • We will sponsor your Mountaineering Certification courses as and when required.

  • We will sponsor your Medical First-Aid Responder Certification as and when required.

  • Mischief Treks will provide necessary training and guidance.

  • FREE access to treks organized by Mischief Treks.

  • This is a paid opportunity. The pay scale would vary depending on the experience and skills.