About us

Mischief Treks is a group of nature enthusiasts working towards spreading health benefits of Trekking/Hiking. Yes, we do love to have fun and leisure which goes with the tag Tattva Tribe.

Mischief Treks is a trekking and adventure sports group that soared to heights of success rapidly and is a trusted brand for trek enthusiasts. Having significant experience in Sahyadris and Western Ghats, we are also among the best for guided Himalayan treks.

Born out of passion for treks, camping, photography and adventure, Mischief Treks is the brain child of a group of trekkers with an experience of 230+ treks in 12 years. “Being at the right place at right time backed with research and recce of any place is the key behind making every event a 100% success”. The Team has evolved over a period of time and created further segmentation of events under two tags vis "Mischief Treks" and "Tattva Tribe". The segmentation is done to bifurcate between categories of events.

We plan and execute Himalayan expeditions with help of local sherpas in Himachal Pradesh region. Western Ghats are our home-ground and we have been successful in showing this avenue of fitness to several people. Apart from the disciplined and methodical events conducted with the tag "Mischief Treks" , we have fun and leisure events under the tag "Tattva Tribe". Lately we also have started the "Book-n-Go" segment where in people get to opt for cheaper versions somewhat similar to the events conducted us. Under "Book-n-Go" tag we coordinate bookings for events conducted by our fellow organisers. The Book-n-Go segment has been started to help people with trusted options in this era of increasing online frauds by social media based booking scams.

Who we are

  • We are a TEAM of nature and adventure lovers.

  • The participants of our treks form a team to successfully complete the trek, Each participant needs to be a team player.

  • Team spirit and mutual respect is a basic condition to be a part of our team.

  • Our Trek-Leaders play a role similar to coach/referee.

  • The team is always there to support you and care for you.

  • Just like any other "Team" we put ourselves at stake to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

  • We love nature and we help people experience the true bliss of being in the forests and mountains with well defined safety and security protocols.

Who we are NOT

  • We are not travel agents / curators / ticketing app / Travels company / Tour operator etc...

  • We do not have Clients / Guests / Tourists / Servants / Employees / Patrons etc..

  • We do not have chained customer care slaves who are paid for getting abused or illtreated.

  • We are "Not" into hospitality sector or in service industry. We do not serve or cater.

  • We do not bully, nor do we get bullied.

  • We do not possess the ability to handle cranky, irritating, and grumpy people.