Kids ACTIVITIES - summercamp AND TREK 2022 | Mumbai

All-inclusive charges starting Rs. 500/- only. Multiple options avaliable for kids to enjoy this Summer, with a pickup and drop facility from Mumbai.

Top 3 Activities for kids - summer 2022

  1. Adventure Summer Camp - Andheri

  2. Matheran - Summer Adventures

  3. Midnight Cycling - Mumbai

Join Mumbai's renowned trekking team Mischief Treks for an amazing experience for Summer 2022. Apart from the top 5 locations mentioned above, we also have a few special locations that offer serenity along with providing closer to nature feel.

Adventure Summer Camp - Summer 2022

Designed especially for children looking out for a start to their fondness of camping, this Adventure Camp opens up a whole new world for the kids.This camp aims at giving the first time campers a feel of wilderness and adventure sports at a campsite based in the heart of mumbai. This is the first step for every child who wishes to explore the beauty and fun of the outdoors. This surely marks a child's first step towards independent living away from parents and bonding with peers!

Venue: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Date: 21st - 22nd May 2022 and 28th - 29th 2022.

Charges: Rs. 4700 per person

Age Group: 06 - 12 years

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Adventure Camp - Andheri

Matheran - Summer Adventures

In the serenity of this cool hill station, this camp at Matheran is all about spending time with nature and finding out more about self by means of engaging in different experiences based on nature, hiking, working together with peers and also individually. This program aims at giving a safe space for kids to enable them to enjoy nature at its raw best interspersed with powerful experiences that enable insightful breakthroughs! Designed as a beginners level program, this camp is more focused on making friends with wilderness, getting comfortable with trees, insects, unknown people, managing own self and having fun while going through process and getting ready for bigger outdoor experiences.

Venue: Matheran, Maharashtra.

Date: 15th - 17th May 2022

Charges: Rs. 9000 per person

Age Group: 06 - 12 Years

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Matheran Summer camp

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, the city that makes you feel safe at night, and the city that makes every dream come alive. The nighttime Mumbai is truly a sight to behold. Right from the moment the stars come out to the time moon finally bids goodbye, there are a lot of things to do in Mumbai at night. When the pace of this amazing city slows down, we give you a chance to slow down with it. Ride from Colaba along the Marine Drive, mesmerizing queen's necklace all the way to Gateway of India. The route is planned for you to check out various heritage sites. We will be taking small breaks and will take time to stop by and experience the nightlife of our Mumbai.

Venue: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Date: 07-May-2022, 14-May-2022, 21-May-2022, and 28-May-2022

Rs.299 per person (Charges exclude rented cycles. Participants need to bring their own Cycle, Helmet, and Safety Jacket.)

Rs.750 per person (Charges include Cycle rent, Safety Jacket, Helmet and Refreshment, and a lot of fun)

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Midnight cycling for kids - Mumbai