Gorakhgad fort Trek

Charges 850/- per person. Join Mumbai's renowned trekking team Mischief Treks for an amazing experience at "Gorakhgad". This Trekking event is safe and suitable for girls, women, kids, families, groups, and solo travelers coming alone. It is an easy-grade trek/trail near Mumbai/Pune/Nashik. Pickup and drop facility is available from Mumbai - Borivali, Goregaon, Andheri Sion, Amar Mahal, Thane, and Kalyan. You get to see Samadhi of Saint Gorakhnath, Saint Gorakhnath, Saint Bhairavnath, and Lord Shiva temple, Intricate carvings and sculptures on the fort and dense forest trail.

Gorakhgad Fort trek

Gorakhgad Fort is located in “Malsej Ghar” approximately 24 km from Murbad, in the Thane district of Maharashtra. During the trek towards Gorakhgad fort's pinnacle, one will get to experience challenging gradient of this trail which is full of Lively and inviting forest, hidden majestic waterfalls during monsoon, and Ancient caves.

  • Venue: Mumbai - Gorakhgad - Mumbai

  • Address: Malsej, Maharashtra.

  • Category: Weekend getaway. Easy level trek/hike suitable for beginners.

  • Duration: One day trek

  • Height: 649 Meters / 2130 feet

  • Base Village: Dehri

  • Batch Size: 25 Participants only
    (We do not take a crowd of 80-100 people on treks, it's against our safety policy.)

  • Fees: ₹750.00 per participant.
    (website booking discount)
    Rs.1500 850/- per person without transportation
    Rs.1800 1300/- per person participants will get a pickup and drop facility from Mumbai

Gorakhgad Fort Trek Dates:

⚠️ Booking closes once seats are sold out, book well in advance to avoid missing out on the slots.

Gorakhgad Trek - Major attractions:

  • Enormous Ancient cave.

  • Mesmerizing view of Machindragad.

  • Dense forest trail.

  • Samadhi of Saint Gorakhnath.

  • Saint Gorakhnath, Saint Bhairavnath, and Lord Shiva temple.

  • Intricate carvings and sculptures on the fort

  • Photography of cinematic views

  • Water cisterns at the fort.

  • Photography - be ready to get clicked.

  • All the "Masti" which is a USP of Mischief Treks.

So, unleash your wild side and get going.

Overview of Gorakhgad Fort:

Gorakhgad fort is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range of western ghats of India. This Fort was named after Saint Gorakhnath. Its believed Gorakhnath was punished by his guru Machindranath and sent to the Himalayas for 14 years. After returning from the Himalayas came to this mountain to meet his Guru. Machindranath used to stay in a cave on this mountain which is now called Gorakhgad.

Duration of Gorakhgad fort trek:

It takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to ascend and reach the peak of Gorakhgad fort. Whereas descending back to base takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Gorakhgad fort is best suited for one day trek if you are traveling from Mumbai or Pune.

Highlights of Gorakhgad Fort trek:

  • Enormous Ancient cave.

  • Mesmerizing view of Machindragad.

  • Dense forest trail.

  • Samadhi of Saint Gorakhnath.

  • Saint Gorakhnath, Saint Bhairavnath, and Lord Shiva temple.

  • Intricate carvings and sculptures on the fort

  • Photography of cinematic views

  • Water cisterns at the fort.

Gorakhgad Fort trekking event itinerary

Bus Route / Pickup Points for Gorakhgad fort
10.45pm : Borivli Reporting at SGNP Gate
11.00pm : Pickup from Borivli East (SGNP gate)
11.10pm : Pickup from Goregaon - Pathanwadi Oberoi Mall
: Pickup from Andheri - Start of andheri flyover
: Pickup from Bandra - Kala Nagar WEH Bus Stop
: Pickup from Sion Station
: Pickup from Amar Mahal bus stop, Ghatkopar/Chembur
12.35am : Pickup from Thane - Teen haat naka
: Pickup from Kalyan - NH3, Kalyan bypass

Gorakhgad fort trek schedule

  • We will be reaching base village around 3.45am and get refreshed.

  • Around 4.00 am we will have introduction and safety instruction session.

  • At 4.15 am we will start trekking towards Gorakhgad fort. During the trek we will be crossing Samadhi point, Rock cut caves and finally the thrilling peak.

  • The trekking group is expected to reach the pinnacle at 07.00 am. This is where we will have breakfast and explore the fort and the magnificent views around it.

  • Take your time to live the moment, experience the bliss of nature and click lot of pictures.

  • By 09.00 am we will start descending from the top of Gorakhgad fort.

  • Once we reach base village, lunch will be ready for us. Here we get to taste the authentic home cooked Maharashtrian food.

  • Around 01.00 pm we shall start our journey back from Gorakhgad to Mumbai.

  • Tentatively we will be reaching back to Mumbai by 06.00 pm depending on traffic conditions.

Note : Prior to the event around 8pm, we will be creating a WhatsApp group for pickup coordination of Gorakhgad fort trek.

Inclusions: ( What is included in Gorakhgad fort trek charges ? )

  • Travel by Private bus from Mumbai to Gorakhgad fort and back to Mumbai

  • Breakfast at Gorakhgad fort

  • Lunch - Vegetarian food

  • Trekking Expertise Charges

  • Govt / Forest Dept Charges (as applicable)

  • Panchayat Charges (as applicable)

  • NHAI Charges (as applicable)


  • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.

  • Anything other than mentioned inclusion.

Important : Please make sure you are physically fit to complete the event and have gone through all details on this page, disclaimer and FAQ / Points to note before booking the event.

Things to carry for Gorakhgad fort trek :

  • Identity proof

  • Face Mask - Sanitiser

  • Good reliable trekking shoes and extra pair of floaters

  • Extra pair of clothes

  • Torch with extra batteries (Mandatory)

  • Water (minimum 2 ltrs) compulsory

  • Some ready to eat food like biscuits, plum cake etc.

  • Toiletries, Cap / Scarves and Sunglasses

  • Haversack to put all your things

  • Medicines (if you need any), Glucon D / Electrol / Enerzyl Powder (We will have a basic first aid kit with us)


  • Wear full clothes and do not use deodorant or perfume.

  • Do not carry - Jholas / sling bag / Trolley bag (This is a trek, not picnic or tour )

  • Avoid wearing jewelry.

  • Please wear reliable shoes. Do not wear sandal, floater, chappal or ballerinas.

Points to Note and FAQ's

Following are the frequently asked questions regarding Gorakhgad Trek

Q. How do I get all the details about the trek, like charges, meeting time, pickup time and location, inclusion, exclusion, things to carry, etc? Can someone read it out for me on phone?

Ans. All the details are mentioned on this page itself, once you scroll up you will all info on your screen. Sorry we do not verbally provide details on phone as it usually creates lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Also, its extremely important to read and understand all the details before you book the event so that you have absolute clarity. If something mentioned on this page is confusing , you can get clarity on chat by clicking on chat with us button on top. To discuss things that are not mentioned on this website we can arrange a callback from one of our trek leaders.

Q: I have booked/paid for the event, is my booking confirmed for the event?

Ans. No !, your booking can become invalid if you do not submit the "Most Important Details" required for emergency situations. For any Trek/Adventure event the organizers need to have your details at least 24 hours prior to the event. We do not allow anyone to the campsite until we have complete and authentic details of the person. This info is crucial in case of an emergency and is a mandatory KYC parameter. The link for the "personal details form" will be sent on WhatsApp immediately after you complete the booking instructions mentioned on the website. Submitting incomplete/incorrect/fake details in the form will make your booking invalid and no refund will be provided in such case.

Q. Why is submitting emergency contact details and KYC information mandatory?

Ans. Its a standard protocol and also a guideline by Govt of India. We are accountable for every "Human-Body" present at our campsite or trek is our responsibility and in case of any unfortunate event we will be asked by authorities to provide all relevant information about you. In order to comply with the authorities we have to take authentic information from you. Fake/Incomplete information or non-submission of the details will make your ticket (paid amount) invalid and no refund will be provided in such case. You will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Q. If I have opted for "with transport", which vehicle will be provided?

Ans. Transport from Mumbai is generally provided by bus. The bus capacity varies with reference to participant count. 17 seater, 26 Seater, 32 seater etc .. , if the participant count is low we may opt for Qualis/Sumo/ Tavera for transport

Q. Does the cancellation policy/rescheduling policy apply to me if I book on event day or last day?

Ans: Yes, the policy is applicable irrespective of the booking date. The cancellation / reschedule policy is applicable to everyone with immediate effect from the date and time of booking. The refunds/rescheduling requests will be processed based on the date and time of cancellation/reschedule request sent to us and the date and time of booking the event are irrelevant.

Q. What is the basis of cancellation/reschedule policy in case of medical or personal emergency of participant or organizing team?

Ans: The cancellation policy is based on fairness towards the participant and the organizing team. In case of medical/personal emergency, the loss arising out of cancellation/reschedule will be borne by the respective person. i.e. if the organizing team faces an emergency situation and the event gets canceled, the participant will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if the participant faces an emergency situation, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss. The cancellation policy is designed with a completely unbiased approach towards the participant and organizing team and is aimed at fairness towards both.

Q. What if there is an issue with transport, i.e. the bus breaks down, AC is not working, tyre gets punctured? will we get a refund?

Ans. Mischief Treks as a team conducts treks only. All the support functions like transport, food etc are sourced from various other vendors to help the participants have it streamlined. Equipment failure can happen any time with any piece of machinery and we can try to get a replacement/repair from the vendor. This may consume time and the trek leader may decide to continue the trek as deemed fit to get the event completed. We as well as the participants have to bare with it. There are no refunds possible in such case. The Trek leader's decision to terminate the trek or continue the trek with available resources will be final and binding.

Q. We are coming by our own vehicle for the event, where should we reach for the event?

Ans. You need to reach the Meeting point at scheduled meeting time. This is where we will be meeting, from here you can follow our vehicles. You will be given exact coordinates after you finish booking formalities. We will be creating a WhatsApp group for coordination, you will be provided all relevant details in the group. Please do not be late, we cannot keep other participants waiting. If you are not able to reach on time you will be considered a Drop-Out and no refund will be provided in such case.

Q. How many people will be coming for the trek?

Ans. Depends on the number of people booking the event. Generally, the batch size is approximately 20-25 participants. It is a Public place and we have no access to data on other organizers' bookings hence we cannot comment on the exact number of people planning to visit this place on a given date.

Q. Is this Trek safe for solo participants?

Ans. Yes Trek is safe and comfortable. Mostly 40% of the participants come solo and blend in with the trek leaders and the rest of the group.

Q. Is this Trek safe for girls?

Ans. Mischief Treks has a track record of making our trekking and camping events extremely safe for girls. Normally 60 – 75 % of our participants are females.

Q. How long is the Trek?

Ans. Normally it takes two hours to ascend and two hours to descend.

Q. Can we pay in cash or installment ?

Ans. Sorry we do not accept cash payments. For installment scheme you will have to pay one-time processing fee of Rs.500 per person.

Q. What is the last date of booking the Trek?

Ans. Bookings close once tickets are sold out. Ideally you need to book atleast 2-3 days in advance.

Q. How should I book the event?

Ans. All you have to do is press the book now button on this page and follow the instructions.

Q. How do we get in touch after reaching meeting point?

Ans. We will be creating a whatsapp group for coordination where you will be provided all the necessary information regarding contact person, exact point to meet etc..

Q. Will we be returning at exact time mentioned in the itinerary?

Ans. The Itinerary is for reference purpose only, it is based on average time taken during our previous events. Actual timeline for a particular date depends on Weather conditions, Traffic Conditions, Participants speed and endurance.

Cancellation, Rescheduling & Refund Policy.

  • 90% will be refunded if canceled 15 days (360+ hrs) in advance.

  • 75% will be refunded if canceled 10 days (240+ hrs) in advance.

  • 50% will be refunded if canceled 05 days (120+ hrs) in advance.

  • 0% refund if canceled in less than 05 days (120 hours) of the event date and time.

  • 0% refund if the participant drops out, misses bus pickup, does not reach the meeting point on the scheduled date and time.

If the event itself gets canceled, you will be given the option to switch to any other event or any other date, Or you can opt for 100% refund. If you need to cancel your current booking and/or reschedule your booking to any other date, it can be done free of cost if the rescheduling request is sent 120 hours prior to the trek. From 0hrs - 120 hours prior to trek date and time, free rescheduling is not permitted. It will be counted as cancellation done in less than 120hours of event date and time. It's a humble request, please do not give medical reasons, crib, argue or try to blackmail us if you drop out or cancel/reschedule the trek in the last 5days. The basis of the cancelation policy is to protect the participant and the organizers from undue financial losses arising out of unforeseen situations. If the event gets canceled due to the medical/personal emergency of the organising team member, the participants will not have to suffer financial loss. Similarly, if there is a medical/personal emergency at the participant's end, the organizing team will not have to suffer financial loss.

Gorakhgad Fort Trek - History - Location - How to reach - Difficulty level - Blog

Q. Is Gorakhgad fort trek difficult?

Ans. Gorakhgad fort trek comes under easy grade and it is suitable for beginners. But the steep rock-cut stair makes certain patches challenging.

Q. What is the ideal time to visit Gorakhgad fort?

Ans. The ideal time to visit Gorakhgad fort is during Monsoon (July to August) and Winters (September to March).

Q. How to reach Gorakhgad fort?

Ans. The easiest way to reach Gorakhgad fort is to opt for Pickup and Drop from Mumbai in a private bus arranged by Mischief Treks. The bus pickup is available from Borivali, Goregaon, Andheri, Bandra, Sion, Thane, and Kalyan.

Q. How to reach Gorakhgad by own Vehicle/Cab/Car/Bike?

Ans. Gorakhgad Fort is at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai and it should take around 3 hours to reach Gorakhgad. From Mumbai you need to take the eastern express highway towards Kalyan. Then take Mumbai - Agra National Hwy, NH160 and NH 61 to Chauk - Karjat - Murbad Rd/Karjat - Murbad Rd in Additional MIDC, Murbad. From Murbad you need to take right and reach dehri village which is the base village for Gorakhgad fort.

Q. How to Reach Gorakhgad By Public Transport?

Ans. The closest railway station to Gorakhgad is the Badlapur Railway Station or the Kalyan Junction Railway Station. Kalyan Junction is a better option as there is a bus service from Kalyan to Murbad village. The frequency of state transport bus is high and you can get a bus almost every 5 minutes, especially in the morning hours. From Murbad you can take a bus or a tumtum to Dehri, these buses are rather infrequent. If you have a big group you can rent an entire share cab (8 people in a cab) to Dehri. Dehri is a small and sleepy village, so it is advisable to go in larger groups to ensure the wait time is least possible.

Q. How to reach Gorakhgad Fort by Flight/Airport?

Ans. The nearest International and Domestic Airport to Gorakhgad fort is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. After reaching Mumbai Airport, you can hire a cab or opt for public transport as explained above.

Detailed history of gorakhgad fort

The History of Gorakhgad fort

Gorakhgad Fort got its name from Saint Gorakhnath. The stories suggest that Saint Gorakhnath was fiercely dedicated to Saint Machindranath. Saint Machindranath realised Gorakhnath's devotion was growing too much so he punished Saint Gorakhnath and sent him to Himalayas for 14 years. Saint Gorakhnath came down all the way from the Himalayas to this mountain to meet his Guru Saint Machindranath. Machindranath used to stay in a cave on this mountain which is now called Gorakhnath. Machindragad stands tall on the neighbouring peak. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, built Gorakhgad fort in 1656. During the reign of Shahaji Raje and during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, this fort was considered of great importance. The locals and devotees organise a beautiful fest every year at Gorakhgad Fort.

Architecture of Gorakhgad Fort

The Architecture of Gorakhgad Fort is unique. Gorakhgad is a Hill Fort situated in dense forest. During the reign of Shahaji Raje and during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj this fort was used to guard the ancient Trade route between Junnar to Naneghat.

The trek route to Gorakhgad is well marked up and is known for its challenging gradient.The dense forest which surrounds the Fort Gorakhgad is full of lively inviting forest, hidden majestic waterfalls, and ancient caves. Once you reach the base of the fort where the steps begin, the trek becomes more exciting. There are no railings or support to climb the rock cut stairs, you will get to see the scenic view of sahyadri mountains. The pillars of the fort are intricately carved and you will see beautiful ancient sculptures at the fort. There is an enormous cave in the fort and water tanks can be seen near the caves.

Once you cross these caves there is a ridge to go the top of Gorakhgad fort. At the top you will see a small shiva temple along with statue of bull "nandi" besides it.

Places to see during Gorakhgad Fort Trek

List of places to see during Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • Gorakhgad Fort is famous for the mesmerizing 360-degree view while trekking.

  • One should not miss seeing the amazing view of Ahupe ghat, Siddhagad, Naneghat-Dhakoba, Jivdhan fort, etc. while trekking and from the top pinnacle of Gorakhgad fort.

  • Samadhi of Gorakhnath in the fort.

  • Gorakhnath temple; Saint Bhairavnath temple; remains of ancient Shiv temple, Shivling and two flat rocks.

Places to see near Gorakhgad Fort

List of places to see near Gorakhgad Fort:


Naneghat, also referred to as Naneghat or Nana Ghat. Nane means “coin” and ghat means “pass”. Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range between the Konkan coast and the ancient town of Junnar in the Deccan plateau. The pass is about 120 kilometres north of Pune and about 165 kilometres east of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. While going through Malshej Ghat, we can easily get a glimpse of Naneghat after Murbad. It was a part of an ancient trading route, and is famous for a major cave. This path was used as a toll booth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills. The inscriptions in the caves show that Satavahana dynasty ruled here and also the Mauryan Empire.

Jivdhan Fort:

Jivdhan or Jeevdhan is a hill fortress situated 1 km near the modern day town of Ghatghar in Junnar taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra, India. Jivdhan Fort Trek included in the famous five treks in the Junnar region. Jivdhan Fort is a Hill Fort one kilometer away from Naneghat Pass, Ghatghar, Junnar. The trekking route initially is covered in the dense forest, leading to amazing views. Jivdhan Fort Trek route will be tough for first-timers climbing equipment is required on rock climbing patches. The jungle trek route can be confusing and misleading. You can spot a variety of flora and fauna around the fort. There are hooks attached to the walls of the rock-cut steps near Kalyan gate, which makes it easy for regular climber. Many campsites and homestays are available near the starting point of the trek, so you can stay there if you are planning to stay around the fort and camp. The road leading to the fort has been improved.

Ahupe ghat:

Ahupe Ghat is the mountain pass between Ahupe village in Ghat section and Khopivali on the Konkan side in Maharashtra. It is yet to be discovered by the trekking crowds and, therefore, you will hardly find anyone on the trail. The view from the Ahupe Plateau is one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing experience. Lush Greenery with deep valley and waterfalls all around. The magical beauty of Twin Mountain of Machindergad and Gorakhgad would make you skip a heartbeat. If you are there at the top during early hours of the day, one can see an amazing view of valley and plateau bathed in clouds.

Hanuman lake:

Hanuman Lake is a beautiful lagoon near to Bhimashankar Temple. Lush greenery surrounds the lake. Slightly difficult to reach, although worth the effort. Lots of animals including squirrels, wild boar, deer, and many other species of birds. There is an old temple close by as well. It’s a decent spot for investing quality time with family.

Reverse waterfall:

This waterfall is in Naneghat. Reverse Waterfall is a waterfall that flows in reverse directions. Reverse waterfall is a phenomenon in which water is blown upward because of strong wind in waterfalls, giving a clear perception of water flowing upwards. Strong blowing of wind above about 75 km/hr can cause such phenomena. One of the most popular reverse waterfalls in India is in Naneghat in Maharashtra. One should surely not miss seeing this nature’s amazing phenomenon.

Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary:

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary was created in the Ambegaon and Khed talukas of Pune District, in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra, in order mainly to protect the habitat of the Indian Giant Squirrel. This wildlife sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary has an area of 131 km2 and is a part of the Western Ghats (Sahyadri Ranges), which itself is recognised as one of the 12 biodiversity hotspots of the world. The sanctuary harbours large diversity of endemic & specialised flora and fauna.

Sanctuary is home to the state animal of Maharashtra-Ratufa indica elphistoni, subspecies of the Indian Giant squirrel that is one of three threatened Indo-Malyan squirrel species.